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  • jacki****** posted at 2/28/2024
    I was in this afternoon and got the d combo.   Why are you a Chinese restaurant?   Do you think frozen cheap fried shrimp is Chinese?  Do you think these big sticks of meat is teriyaki chicken?  Yellow rice with tiny shrimp, no vegetables.  This is not Chinese fried rice.  You charged me $14 for subpar food!   Why?   I wanted really good Chinese and I did not receive this from you. 
    You could be a great place if you served fresh Chinese style food 
  • besh**** posted at 1/2/2024
    Very nice people and great food.
  • oke**** posted at 12/18/2023
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  • chellecam********* posted at 10/26/2023
    This was the worst dinner, I have ever ordered. I ordered the "honey" chicken and I received sweet n sour chicken instead. It wasn't even really chicken it was 90% fried batter. There was no option for fried rice and it was not indicated it would be white rice. Complete waste of $70 sadly none of this was noticed until I was home and I wasn't driving all the way back.
  • emmons****** posted at 2/13/2020
    I love this place! Everything I’ve had has been delicious. Don’t go home  without trying the boneless ribs. 
    All the ingredients are very fresh.